Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog! This is my platform to showcase all things I consider stylish and beautiful. I’m no expert but I have a firm appreciation and passion for fashion,style and beauty. I aim to share information on what’s hot OR what’s not on the streets of SA with the hope that you will find this useful!


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  1. Hey Parms,

    Adore your ideas… esp the stuff around idol living.!!!

    I need to do up a small garden, and love the Millpark stuff… any suggestions for small houses.

    Have a divine dining room with french doors, that open onto a tiny garden…Any ideas!!What are the latest trends??

    Second thing i am looking for something to wear for an engagement party. What are dos and donts???

    Keep Styling!


    • Wow Justine, some pretty hard questions there but this is just my “ordinary man” opinion.
      A garden for me should me a place of utter tranquility and calm! French doors already suggest that you are quite the traditional, trendy yet homely person so I would go for a quirky round steel table with unmatching chairs. The key being “unmatching” because it adds a bit of style to the ensemble. Nothing beats the power of colorful cushions, go red, green, yellow, think stripes, anything that’ll brighten up your mood!! Lighting’s not only for indoors, add some lighting with outdoor colorful lamps. Lastly I would add that one chair you fell inlove with and had to save up for where you can sit, enjoy some wine, deeply entrenched in those pages of your latest read! Vintage is always a steal!

      As for your anniversary dinner, understated glam is always a winner, obviously the aim is not to outshine the bride to be (although we can’t help it if she’s lacking in the style department). Nice simple dress is much easier to put together and pull off, if you are a conservative person go for black (which is always the default for most people), but look for lace or ruffle detail, for that added wow! Add color to your ensemble through your clutch (turquoise is the color of the season).
      If you are an “out there” kinda lady like me, go for bold prints, like floral detail but tone it down with simple heels (check out Forever New in Fourways Mall, the epitome of understated glam)! Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Visit Sass Diva, u won’t go wrong!

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