DIY Designer Lamps!

Aah lately I’ve been so uninspired, those negative “bring myself down” thoughts have been crawling up my ass through to my brain! I’ve been questioning my purpose for this blog and my career (a question that comes up more often than not). Poluting my brain with thoughts such as “Do you really know what you’re doing, what you talking about” and so I start feeling overwhelmed and unable to focus. BUT then I realise I started this blog as an expression of myself in all things stylish (hoping to keep it strictly South African), not only that but to bring useful information to people who like me, are tired of the routine – shopping at department stores, same old furniture shops (ova it)! Not to take anything away from these places but I’m always looking for a new discovery, a fresh idea from fashion to decor (these two things are the closest to my heart when it comes to style) and lastly to start my journey as an aspiring sylist with you as my audience (my own little reality show,LOL).

So without any further blubbering , I hope to also excite your style nerves and bring you those fresh ideas… like with this DIY project I found on the VISI design magazine, which by the way is my newest aha find! Like why on earth have I never read this magazine before! Anywho these lamps are most adorable, simply because these designer Evian water bottles are most adorable (fashion meets decor, PERFECT!) I can picture my small excuse for a veranda uplifted by these at night facilitating memorable chats with friends.


DIY Lamps (Click on link to view the step by step process)

Images and article courtesy of VISI magazine!

These Paul Smith for Evian bottles will be sold in top restaurants and hotels, the Paul Smith store in Parkhurst and Cape Town V&A Waterfront. Oh and they come in five differently coloured caps!

All you bottle collectors, this one’s for you!


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