Winter Excites!!

Yes yes, it is yet that exciting time again when we move to another fashion season, the one I like to call “sophisticated season”. I’m tapping my feet waiting impatiently for the season of boots, knits, coats and all round fabulosity!! I was perusing through the Elle pages doing my usual investigations and being inspired when I found these delectables..H.E.L.L.O those two-tone Falke tights (I had to google them and found some other yummy tones)..can’t wait to get my greedy hands on them! The high top sneaker thing is usually a touch and go from season to season, one minute it’s in one minute it’s not BUT this season I can safely say they are a definite MUST and the military inspired colour..too much!A.D.O.RE!


Do not even bother tying these up all the way to the top, pair them with skinnies and leave them a loose a bit for that extra effect!

Check out Elle April issue. BTW: has anyone noticed how Jackie Burger and team have taken Elle to the next level!!


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  1. These stockings are divine!

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