Fashion Week Day 1

I am utterly annoyed with this excuse for a laptop thing I’m using. I meant to post updates from Thursday already but as usual, this laptop failed me!!Anyway…so because of a someone who knows someone who knows somebody, I ended up at fashion week with one fashion guru Felipe Mazibuko by my side. Obviously for me this was heaven because Sanlam fashion week rather SA Fashion Week has changed to an “invites only” event (New York style) – no more Computicket people! I will not critique the shows, I’ll leave that to the journalists who score bread and butter from that but Just my two cents worth..let’s start with day 1:

Amanda Laird Cherry: Inspiring? Eem not so much, heart beating faster?…pulse was normal…I did like the use of color against nudes. Her designs are quite delicate, she keeps it clean.  My heart was definitely beating faster for those leggings though and her use of high heels in her show, welcomed change!

Guillotine: Inspiring?…to some degree, heart beating faster?…some moments! Collection was quite dark (literally)! Elements of the collection reminded me of the Miu Miu Winter collection because of its playful tone, kinda reminds me of the rebellious 12 year old fashionista deliberately breaking from the norms to prove a point (Can I get a Tavi!). Loved the glowing hair and the shoes were my absolute favorite – the use of ripped leather, reinforces that rebellious element!

Images courtesy of Ivan Naude

Superella: Inspiring?…not really but props for creativity, heart beating faster?…very steady pulse but lots of laughs which is probably what she was going for judging from circus show she put on (in the literal sense)! I definitely loved her sterling construction; clothes are perfectly fitted even for a big mama. Heart the harem pants!

A.N.Y.W.A.Y on to my favorite part…the stylish folk..check out part 2!


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