Fashion Week Day 2

I’m trying to think about what to say about day 2, which designer was which and it’s hard to write on the collections without referring to my notebook. It’s quite sad because that’s an indication of how uninspiring and not so mind blowing the shows were, however there is one collection that springs to mind…Mantsho by Palesa Mokubung.

I love shows that are inspired by something, that are well researched and thought out, that have a theme and a concept, that reveal instantly what the designer is all about and have consistency! That was Palesa’s show. Love it or hate it, she makes a statement, she knows who she is and she is consistent. This collection was inspired by different tribes in Nigeria, she sourced the material from Nigeria and each piece was named after a certain tribe…H.E.L.L.O! Now that’s a show I would pay for! Oh the navy inspired hats..GENIOUS! The sunglasses..ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! When I saw these women strutting I thought to myself “Lady Gaga meet Lady Nompumelelo” this is a woman who is true to her roots, but please don’t be fooled, she’s extremely knowledgeable and well travelled, insanely powerful! Ok let me stop now, clearly my heart raced for this collection!

The rest of day two was nothing to write home about. There were definitely some pieces I loved from each. I loved the styling from the Two girls – they used unusual pieces to accessorize like gold ruffle scarves, party hats as hair bands. Gugu for Gugulam is very immaculate in her construction, I love her attention to detail and what I loved about her show was the PR – the show was packed with the right people for her market who are sure to place those orders (a lot of designers can learn because at the end of the day it’s business and PR is so important).

Ole for Loxion Kulca also had a well thought out show with creativity – the theme was “a Zulu is a Botsotso” and I liked the emotions it invoked with the Kwaito and traditional music and the men looking like warriors. One thing that stood out for me were the bags, seriously the hooded back packs reminded me of a modern day Zulu warrior gearing up for hunting!

Images courtesy of Ivan Naude


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