Old Biscuit Mill 2!!

While doing some shopping, I came across this designer and her stuff (which I loved). She had some really cute dresses and even though it’s Winter, you can always rock a cute frock with tights and a coat or rock a layered look. I don’t have a lot of pictures of her stuff but I will feature her range at a later stage and hopefully use this blog as a platform to also showcase some good unknown designers. Those of you not in Cape Town, do embrace online shopping, it’s awesome, I do it all the time!

This label is called Selfi and the designer’s name is Celeste. She’s such a friendly cool kid, I loved that she was so accommodating, I couldn’t find my size in the dress below and she called around where she stocks and was willing to make another one for me..customer service..check!

Celeste of the label, Selfi. Check out some of her stuff at Mungo and Jemima in Long Street or keep looking out for her range on this blog!

Exciting stuff..I also met with the designer behind the label, Christopher Strong (one of my newly favourite local labels) and will be doing a feature on her so watch this space!


Old Biscuit Mill!!

Isn’t funny how a place can be in existence for so long and still not a lot of people know about it or have bothered to check it out. I always think not to bother raving about places that have already been raved about ages ago BUT this place is too awesome not to share. While in Cape Town I visited the Old Biscuit Mill for the first time (I feel shameful) and I was in awe, literally! For some of the regulars, it’s a bit tired but if you’re a virgin like I was, it’s heaven (yikes for that description :))! Everything about this place – the clothes, the decor goodies, THE FOOD, the alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages is absolutely amazing and so much fun! After shopping at the Mill (as the regulars call it), I didn’t even bother going to my usual Long Street because a handful of the same designers in Long have stalls there anyway! What’s nicer is that the designers and store owners themselves are the ones who sell at the respective stall, so not only do you get to shop your favourite designer/label but you get to interact with them one-on-one, AWESOME!

Don’t even get me started with the food. My head was spinning from the variety, there’s over 100 specialty traders! You honestly have to go there every Saturday just to try something new but be sure to go on an empty stomach!

If you want to be really enticed check out the site http://www.neighbourgoodsmarket.co.za/market-snapshots/. The Market is opened only Saturdays from 9am to 2pm and is situated on Albert Road in Woodstock.

Oh Joburg, Joburg…how we are deprived!!!

Afraid Of Mice – Vintage

Hello lovely people! My lack of blogging has been due to the fact that I took a sweet holiday to the Cape and needless to say, it was blissful (as usual). I met up with a couple of interesting people, doing interesting things and one of those people were the sisters who own Afraid of Mice, a Vintage store. I’ve been seeing their store featured in magazines and blogs so I was interested to see what it’s all about.

Firstly can I say how lovely and kind Bianca (one of the owners) is. The sisters also have a stall at the Old Biscuit Mill which is where I met up with them. Bianca was kind enough to give me a small tour of the newly revamped Woodstock with the little restaurants and clothing shops. Interesting fact – people are slowly moving from town to Woodstock to hang out and do a little shopping, including the designers moving their stores. Afraid of Mice is opened by appointment only. To some this may sound like quite a mission but it really isn’t because the sisters are so warm and welcoming. Afraid of Mice is situated upstairs in an old revamped building which has a restaurant and gallery downstairs. What I appreciated the most was really the shopping experience, it’s such a breath of fresh air to the usual boutique or mall shopping! I felt special, being the only person at the store and having all that space to try things and play around! Times have changed now and people have to think of new ways to entice people and give customers a great experience when shopping!

Now to get to the items sold..firstly this is no ordinary Vintage shop, you don’t have to sift through piles and piles of dusty clothes to find that hidden treasure. All the clothes are displayed properly in racks from evening wear to casual wear. Bianca visits the States every 2 months or so to source a new collection of one-of-a-kind vintage from..wait for it….. Michael Kors, Vera Wang, Chanel, Manolo Blahniks, GAP and the list goes on. So you can understand why the prices are also a bit higher than your usual vintage shops! Anyway these pictures don’t do it much justice but visit the store and experience it for yourselves! Take a friend or two, play dress up and finish off by grabbing a bite downstairs!

Shoes, scarfs, bags tucked away in these cute drawers!

Me playing dress up, the shoes are MICHAEL KORS!!!

Visit their stall on Saturdays at The Old Biscuit Mill or book an appointment with Bianca on 082 755 1002.

Forever New Part 2

Some more goodies…

Cropped Denim – R799

Think Burberry Prorsum Fall collection (check out one of my posts), this coat paired with Falke tights, riding boots, a military cap!

Military Hooded Coat – R799 

Leather Ruffle Jacket – R1899 (It’s expensive but it’s worth every penny, the quality of this jacket!)

The Store

 A big thank you to the kind stylish ladies, Bridget and Liezel who assisted me!








Forever New

So I was utterly ecstatic when I was given cart blanche to play around inside Forever New, one of my favourite stores right now! I felt like a kid in a chocolate factory.If you are obsessed over Gossip Girl like I am, Forever New is the closest thing you will get to the clothes. I love this store mainly because they change their stock almost every week. I can’t remember ever going to a shop weekly and seeing new fabulous stock every time,in fact NEVER! This then means that when you see something that tickles your fancy (which is always) you have to buy it because the next time you come, it will be gone..and let me tell you – THEY DON’T RESTOCK!

The pictures I took do not remotely do this shop justice, you guys have to visit yourselves to see what I mean!

The shop is slap bang in the middle of Fourways Mall in Fourways and I find it hilarious that a lot of people still don’t know about it even people living in the North!

Outfit One

Denim Shirt – R499

Black Davore Spot Mini – R499

Crochet Scarf – R249

Weekender Bag – R499

Outfit Two

Emily Gathered Cloche hat – R249

Cinderella Bustier Dress – R799 (the fit of this dress is amazing, I didn’t need a bra!)

Cropped Denim Jacket – R799

Pink Earrings – R129

Outfit Three

Duffle Jacket – R799

Metallic Scarf – R199

Marble Jeggings – R299 

Butchie Day Bag – R499

Winter Treats Part 2!!

Were you guys aware of the fact that you can buy Zoom shoes online even before they hit the shelves on wwww.zoomfootwear.co.za! These Daniella Michelle boots are a must have, the chains are detachable so that’s great! These will set you back R1499.

The Parka is another MUST HAVE this season, I love the cropped sleeves on this one from Urban. The Parka is great for layering, pair it with a basic nautical striped long sleeve top!

Now here I had to save the best for last! I knew this was a dangerous assignment but I thought I would have the will power to stay away from spending on anything because then that would mean using my Credit Card (hello it’s the week of pay-day)!

BUT the moment my eyes locked at this Military detail come poncho coat, my heart could not contain itself thus enticing my mind to go for it! Sorry Credit Card I had no choice here!!I must tell you that the latest collection at Forever New is insane!!They’ve allowed me to come have a mini shoot of my own so I’ll be bringing you what’s hot! This coat set me back R900 and it was worth it!!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Winter Treats!!

Hope you all had a fab weekend! I’m super excited to share with you these yummy treats I found whilst scouting for my next buys, come pay day! What I love about these items is that they are all accessible right at your finger tips and some of you might have even spotted these already but regardless…

SIR YES SIR!!..Loving these army inspired lave-up boots from Aldo! These will set you back R1399.

Have you heard of shoe accessories!!I sure as hell never knew about these but these chains you see over the boots are sold separately (the demo here is for the accessory NOT the boots). Anywho I found it so clever that you can buy them separately because who wants to be stuck with chains on your boots once the trend is history (which it will be soon)! The chains will set you back R249, sold at Aldo.

Love this chain bag from Aldo. Set you back R399.

OH ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!You guys will this be an insane Winter or what!! I’m certainly welcoming these half boots from Zoom into my wardrobe! These will set you back R1299.

The saga continues on part 2…