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This picture I saw on got me thinking….

So I’m a full on blog surfer, anything related to style and  fashion entices me! I discovered this world of “online style and fashion media” (don’t even know what to call it but you know what I mean) through websites such as,, and blogs such as,, locally;,, the list goes on. My point is instantly I was hooked to this new world I never knew existed and soon I realised that it’s become a movement, a culture, the new age of style and fashion media/expression. Print media is fast being superseded by online media and fashion blogs are fast becoming the style reference guide as opposed to conventional fashion magazines.

Now everyday of my waking life I’m online sourcing inspiration from these blogs and websites! What I’ve noticed is that most of them (International sites) have style references,be it the socialites, celebrities and street style. This got me thinking that who are our style references??? I mean I know in SA generally we don’t really consider our “celebs” true celebs (whatever that means) but who are our best dressed, our style gurus,our trend-setters, the girls and guys who inspire us! I know there must be a couple of people but why aren’t they so visible to most of us, how come our SA fashion blogs and websites don’t make reference to these people like they do to the Alexa Chungs, the Kate Moss’s and the Sienna Miller’s of this world. Is it because we ourselves don’t believe in our own local produce, we would rather look to the International designers, fashion journalists and style gurus for inspiration?

Just a thought…Do you guys have local people in mind when thinking of style gurus? People whose style inspires you and makes you want to live in their world?


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  1. I have no local style gurus. I must admit I don’t really pay attention to what our celebs are wearing. But, I have looked through Heat magazine once or twice and I browsed to see what our local stars are wearing to award ceremonies. Only one or two look decent. I don’t know why, maybe I just have different taste or they’re not using stylists.

    Furthermore, I’m feeling quite marginalised here in SA. I feel like I have to hunt to find good buys. Don’t even talk about finding a decent pair of leather shoes. There are just not many choices. But, where there is a will there is a way and I will keep on searching.

    Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading what you have to say.

  2. Aah thanks so much Andrea! Don’t even get me started on award ceremonies, we had the SAMAs recently and the tragedies and disasters I! I’m loving Country Raod for shoes, especially boots, pricey but certaily worth the investment!

  3. An excellent post this! I think with us South Africans having our roots in the East, West and Africa, we tend to look to those places for influence and inspiration so it’s just an eclectic mix of styles here! Off the top off my head, I can’t actually think of one SA celeb who’s style I love – how shocking! Tamara Dey rocks some pretty interesting looks though. Good post. x

  4. Mos Def, Tamara Dey has always stood out the celeb crowd with her unique style! Tx Lauren!

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