Winter Treats Part 2!!

Were you guys aware of the fact that you can buy Zoom shoes online even before they hit the shelves on! These Daniella Michelle boots are a must have, the chains are detachable so that’s great! These will set you back R1499.

The Parka is another MUST HAVE this season, I love the cropped sleeves on this one from Urban. The Parka is great for layering, pair it with a basic nautical striped long sleeve top!

Now here I had to save the best for last! I knew this was a dangerous assignment but I thought I would have the will power to stay away from spending on anything because then that would mean using my Credit Card (hello it’s the week of pay-day)!

BUT the moment my eyes locked at this Military detail come poncho coat, my heart could not contain itself thus enticing my mind to go for it! Sorry Credit Card I had no choice here!!I must tell you that the latest collection at Forever New is insane!!They’ve allowed me to come have a mini shoot of my own so I’ll be bringing you what’s hot! This coat set me back R900 and it was worth it!!

Hope you enjoyed this post!


2 Responses

  1. The madness that is that coat!OMG!
    I’m so happy that Forever New has given you the mini-shoot space..foresight on their part..and yours..kudo’s Palz!

  2. The coat is great!

    Hey Parms, I’ve been eyeing the exact same boots you put on this post and the previous one. Hehe, great minds think alike?

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