Winter Treats!!

Hope you all had a fab weekend! I’m super excited to share with you these yummy treats I found whilst scouting for my next buys, come pay day! What I love about these items is that they are all accessible right at your finger tips and some of you might have even spotted these already but regardless…

SIR YES SIR!!..Loving these army inspired lave-up boots from Aldo! These will set you back R1399.

Have you heard of shoe accessories!!I sure as hell never knew about these but these chains you see over the boots are sold separately (the demo here is for the accessory NOT the boots). Anywho I found it so clever that you can buy them separately because who wants to be stuck with chains on your boots once the trend is history (which it will be soon)! The chains will set you back R249, sold at Aldo.

Love this chain bag from Aldo. Set you back R399.

OH ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!You guys will this be an insane Winter or what!! I’m certainly welcoming these half boots from Zoom into my wardrobe! These will set you back R1299.

The saga continues on part 2…


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