Forever New

So I was utterly ecstatic when I was given cart blanche to play around inside Forever New, one of my favourite stores right now! I felt like a kid in a chocolate factory.If you are obsessed over Gossip Girl like I am, Forever New is the closest thing you will get to the clothes. I love this store mainly because they change their stock almost every week. I can’t remember ever going to a shop weekly and seeing new fabulous stock every time,in fact NEVER! This then means that when you see something that tickles your fancy (which is always) you have to buy it because the next time you come, it will be gone..and let me tell you – THEY DON’T RESTOCK!

The pictures I took do not remotely do this shop justice, you guys have to visit yourselves to see what I mean!

The shop is slap bang in the middle of Fourways Mall in Fourways and I find it hilarious that a lot of people still don’t know about it even people living in the North!

Outfit One

Denim Shirt – R499

Black Davore Spot Mini – R499

Crochet Scarf – R249

Weekender Bag – R499

Outfit Two

Emily Gathered Cloche hat – R249

Cinderella Bustier Dress – R799 (the fit of this dress is amazing, I didn’t need a bra!)

Cropped Denim Jacket – R799

Pink Earrings – R129

Outfit Three

Duffle Jacket – R799

Metallic Scarf – R199

Marble Jeggings – R299 

Butchie Day Bag – R499


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  1. Very nice!Loving the the denim shirt look.

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