Old Biscuit Mill 2!!

While doing some shopping, I came across this designer and her stuff (which I loved). She had some really cute dresses and even though it’s Winter, you can always rock a cute frock with tights and a coat or rock a layered look. I don’t have a lot of pictures of her stuff but I will feature her range at a later stage and hopefully use this blog as a platform to also showcase some good unknown designers. Those of you not in Cape Town, do embrace online shopping, it’s awesome, I do it all the time!

This label is called Selfi and the designer’s name is Celeste. She’s such a friendly cool kid, I loved that she was so accommodating, I couldn’t find my size in the dress below and she called around where she stocks and was willing to make another one for me..customer service..check!

Celeste of the label, Selfi. Check out some of her stuff at Mungo and Jemima in Long Street or keep looking out for her range on this blog!

Exciting stuff..I also met with the designer behind the label, Christopher Strong (one of my newly favourite local labels) and will be doing a feature on her so watch this space!


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