Old Biscuit Mill!!

Isn’t funny how a place can be in existence for so long and still not a lot of people know about it or have bothered to check it out. I always think not to bother raving about places that have already been raved about ages ago BUT this place is too awesome not to share. While in Cape Town I visited the Old Biscuit Mill for the first time (I feel shameful) and I was in awe, literally! For some of the regulars, it’s a bit tired but if you’re a virgin like I was, it’s heaven (yikes for that description :))! Everything about this place – the clothes, the decor goodies, THE FOOD, the alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages is absolutely amazing and so much fun! After shopping at the Mill (as the regulars call it), I didn’t even bother going to my usual Long Street because a handful of the same designers in Long have stalls there anyway! What’s nicer is that the designers and store owners themselves are the ones who sell at the respective stall, so not only do you get to shop your favourite designer/label but you get to interact with them one-on-one, AWESOME!

Don’t even get me started with the food. My head was spinning from the variety, there’s over 100 specialty traders! You honestly have to go there every Saturday just to try something new but be sure to go on an empty stomach!

If you want to be really enticed check out the site http://www.neighbourgoodsmarket.co.za/market-snapshots/. The Market is opened only Saturdays from 9am to 2pm and is situated on Albert Road in Woodstock.

Oh Joburg, Joburg…how we are deprived!!!


One Response

  1. Great read.

    I fully agree, we are truly deprived in joburg. I have been to the Mill a couple of times and it never gets old, The vibe is just so eclectic and chic and there is always something new and divine to try out. Yum!

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