Stylish Folk!

Snapped a pic of this stylish lady, Tumelo at a friend’s braai this past Saturday! She’s always stylish every time I see her! I’ve noticed a pattern with most people I snap..there’s always a hand-me-down item that totally pulls the outfit together and in this case it’s this beautiful blue jersey top!

Definitely a Vanessa!

She’s wearing:

                            Top: Hand-me-down from Granny to mother to her!

                            Lace skirt: YDE

                           Shoes: Mr Price (the same loafers I posted about in excitement, great minds think alike :)!

Love the subtle touches with the one drop feather earring and the brooch!


Finally! A Fashionable World Cup Item!

I love my country and all but probably not more than I love looking good! The most creative part of my day is probably putting an outfit together (sad but true), especially on a weekend where I don’t have to be confined to boardroom shirts, pencil skirts and heels! So when they declared Friday a “Soccer Friday” therefore having to wear those hideous Bafana jerseys (I’m sorry but the yellow/gold and green is just not workable), there was no way I was taking part in that unless our boys are playing a match that day, in which case I’m still having difficulty deciding how to put a fashionable look with that jersey. Anyways my point is I’m super excited about these scarfs produced by Flagsnood which are not only patriotic and supportive of the World Cup but they look über cool too!yey!

Pictures courtesy of

I want a South African and Brazilian one! They only cost R150 (delivery included) and orders can be placed online or contact

Check them out here

*Go Bafana!*

Look What I Found!

I saw these shoes/loafers at Mr. Price a few weeks back but I couldn’t find my size in 3 of the stores and this past weekend I finally found my size, the only pair they had!yey! I absolutely adore them! And I must tell you that I’m super impressed by the gang over at Mr P, I posted a comment on the blog  last week screaming for help because I was looking for these loafers everywhere and Amber gave my details to Nadia in the footwear department, who was looking around for me! Thanks so much ladies!

I rocked a preppy, boyfriend look with these and it looked effortless!…inlove!

House Must haves!

So finally my days of flat hunting are over!wheew! Found an old style flat that is awesome in size and has so much character but currently has wall-to-wall carpeting (loathe!) and the walls need painting. I was super excited when the landlord agreed to do away with the carpets and put in laminated wooden floors and paint the place..I can’t wait to move in! So naturally now I’m obsessing over decor things, I have dreams of how I’m going to use the space and these are some of the things I’ve come across on some never-seen-before but happy-to-have-discovered blogs!

I stumbled across this blog doing my usual surfing. This shop, Vamp Furniture is in Woodstock, Cape Town. Oh how I yearn! Check out some of their stuff here on their blog.

OMG now these plates are driving me insane! Coelhoculture led me to these babies. I need these on my wall close to my dining room table (which I’m window shopping in my mind).. it’s one of the first things I want to add to my new space! These are by Lorrae Mehmel of Tamarillo Ceramics, also based in Cape Town 😦 but nonetheless, I’ll make a plan. Check out her stuff here.

Also Tamarillo Ceramics! These need to go on my soon-to-be book shelf!

How adorable is that vase and plate from MyChina Ceramics. I need these delivered! Check out more here.


Lost and Found Vintage!!!

You know you have problems when you open your blog and you get asked for your username and password(clearly haven’t been on for a while)!

Anyway so excited about what I just found while surfing…Lost and Found Vintage bidding!  Lost and Found is an online Vintage auction where you bid for vintage stock and the highest bidder obviously gets the prize! AND this is all on Facebook you guys, over their facebook group. What a super concept! I love people who are so resourceful and creative, I mean who thinks of something like that??? Amy Rawhani also offers a L&F party where if you want to see the stock before bidding, you can organise a viewing session at your own house and she comes with the clothes, hello! If you not in Jozi, a sweet package is posted to you!

Check out the facebook group here and join!

Pictures courtesy of Lost & Found

Hermes Birkin

Now I think we’ve all seen and heard of the famous Hermes Birkin bags named after actress Jane Birkin! Posh Becks is known to carry these babies, it’s her staple bag fetish! I was watching one of the Forbes rich or cash money something lists which was basically listing the most expensive things owned by celebrities and they explained why the Hermes (pronounced ermes) bag is so expensive, I for one was fascinated and thought to share!

 Each bag is made from rear exotic leather like crocodile, ostrich or lizard (the most expensive made from saltwater crocodile skin found only in Australia). The interior lining is manufactured from goat skin that is specially tanned to match the exterior. One bag takes 18 hours+ to make…handcrafted!! They make about 5 of these bags a week! 5 A WEEK!! (I feel myself breathing heavily just typing out this and going through it in my head)! The lock, keys, buckle and feet studs are made from precious metals like gold or palladium.

Starting price of a Birkin is no less than $7000 (around R56000) and David Beckham bought his dear wife an £80,000 (THAT IS R873,764.30) Himalayan diamond studded Birkin for her birthday *whew*! The waiting list for a bag is typically 5 years! 5 years waiting in anticipation for this art work!

Yep that’s the one…R873,764.30

Wow is all I have to say!


My friend Mili ( has been working on this project and it’s so exciting to see it come to existence! If you are in Jozi, diarise this date and come check out this sale with some fab designer line-up, two of my favorite labels will be there – LoinCloth, Mememe! Some delicious accessories from Luckyou!

 5 June, see you there!