Once again I’ve hit that “blogger’s” wall where I’m not feeling much inspiration, mainly because I’ve been preoccupied with finding a new place to nightmare!! It’s driving me crazy because I know exactly what I want, and maybe my standards are too high for someone who’s still renting. I might be out on the streets in a fabulous coat and heels pretty soon! Regardless of this catastrophe in my life right now, I’m feeling more positive today and these pictures have definitely added a spark to my day! Hope they do the same for you too..

I found some inspiration for an outfit!! I recently bought a similar coat with the cape effect from Forever New and I haven’t tried it with jeans yet! I’ll downplay it with something similar! This jacket and jeans by the way are available at ADL stores in Hyde Park and the new Cape Quarter in Greenpoint, how fabulous!

I really have to find me a good denim shirt this Winter! Once again this look has inspired another way to rock my coat just with a denim shirt! Or better yet, a really cute short denim dress by Project I saw at Mr Price recently. This Winter I’m really feeling playing around with short skirts and dresses and layering!

The art of layering…perfection!

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