Hermes Birkin

Now I think we’ve all seen and heard of the famous Hermes Birkin bags named after actress Jane Birkin! Posh Becks is known to carry these babies, it’s her staple bag fetish! I was watching one of the Forbes rich or cash money something lists which was basically listing the most expensive things owned by celebrities and they explained why the Hermes (pronounced ermes) bag is so expensive, I for one was fascinated and thought to share!

 Each bag is made from rear exotic leather like crocodile, ostrich or lizard (the most expensive made from saltwater crocodile skin found only in Australia). The interior lining is manufactured from goat skin that is specially tanned to match the exterior. One bag takes 18 hours+ to make…handcrafted!! They make about 5 of these bags a week! 5 A WEEK!! (I feel myself breathing heavily just typing out this and going through it in my head)! The lock, keys, buckle and feet studs are made from precious metals like gold or palladium.

Starting price of a Birkin is no less than $7000 (around R56000) and David Beckham bought his dear wife an £80,000 (THAT IS R873,764.30) Himalayan diamond studded Birkin for her birthday *whew*! The waiting list for a bag is typically 5 years! 5 years waiting in anticipation for this art work!

Yep that’s the one…R873,764.30

Wow is all I have to say!


2 Responses

  1. I hope I at least get to touch one in my lifetime! LOL!

  2. You must read Bring Home the Birkin by Michael Tonello. Brilliant and all true!

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