House Must haves!

So finally my days of flat hunting are over!wheew! Found an old style flat that is awesome in size and has so much character but currently has wall-to-wall carpeting (loathe!) and the walls need painting. I was super excited when the landlord agreed to do away with the carpets and put in laminated wooden floors and paint the place..I can’t wait to move in! So naturally now I’m obsessing over decor things, I have dreams of how I’m going to use the space and these are some of the things I’ve come across on some never-seen-before but happy-to-have-discovered blogs!

I stumbled across this blog doing my usual surfing. This shop, Vamp Furniture is in Woodstock, Cape Town. Oh how I yearn! Check out some of their stuff here on their blog.

OMG now these plates are driving me insane! Coelhoculture led me to these babies. I need these on my wall close to my dining room table (which I’m window shopping in my mind).. it’s one of the first things I want to add to my new space! These are by Lorrae Mehmel of Tamarillo Ceramics, also based in Cape Town 😦 but nonetheless, I’ll make a plan. Check out her stuff here.

Also Tamarillo Ceramics! These need to go on my soon-to-be book shelf!

How adorable is that vase and plate from MyChina Ceramics. I need these delivered! Check out more here.



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  1. oooo thx for the mention x

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