Lost and Found Vintage!!!

You know you have problems when you open your blog and you get asked for your username and password(clearly haven’t been on for a while)!

Anyway so excited about what I just found while surfing…Lost and Found Vintage bidding!  Lost and Found is an online Vintage auction where you bid for vintage stock and the highest bidder obviously gets the prize! AND this is all on Facebook you guys, over their facebook group. What a super concept! I love people who are so resourceful and creative, I mean who thinks of something like that??? Amy Rawhani also offers a L&F party where if you want to see the stock before bidding, you can organise a viewing session at your own house and she comes with the clothes, hello! If you not in Jozi, a sweet package is posted to you!

Check out the facebook group here and join!

Pictures courtesy of Lost & Found


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