Found It!

Thanks Milli for the heads up on this new welcomed discovery! I’ve been looking for a cute statement skirt to do up this Winter! So ‘nuf said this skirt is mine!

Tee & Whiskey are the new design kids on the block. I hope to be enticed further in the future!


Young Fresh Style!

When I used to watch Run’s House on MTV (because I watch anything reality!), my sister and I always went on about how hot the young Diggy will grow up to be, he always showed a great sense of style and showed potential of being quite a looker..haha.Now I see he’s 15 and looking über stylish, not only that he’s got his own fashion line going, signed a record deal AND a philanthropist at that! Anyways if I was 15, I would groupie love all over that!!

How insane are those loafers!!

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Peaceful Place!

Just got my hands on the July issue of Elle and I can’t wait to get home and ravish in this fashion bible! Mostly I can’t wait to try on my new designer T and think of fun ways to wear it! Glass of wine check, chocolate check, cure for last night’s soccer debacle check!

I would absolutely love to get my hands on the latest issue of US Vogue as well!

How dreamy is this spread which depicts a picture of a 1950s marriage gone wrong! Grace’s (yes I’ve just pretended to know her on a first name basis) styling is on always!

Blue Monday!

I’m not sure if it’s being 25 or just a state of mind but I battle a lot with” life purpose” from time to time, especially at this point in my life. When I started my blog, I was at a point of no return, frustrated with my negativity, my self-doubt, my self-pity and mostly complaining over and over again about the lack of passion for my job. You see I’m a breed lying somewhere between a Pisces and an Aquarius so my thoughts are always in the clouds, I’m a dreamer, a believer, a passion driven being..I really do believe that I can change the world; it’s not far from my goals in life. Unfortunately or fortunately for me (perhaps I don’t know it yet), I’m not one of those people who knew exactly what they needed to do and how to go about it whilst still living on this God-given earth and so I tend to envy those people but most of all I’m inspired by those people.

It can be the smallest of things, like a friend refusing to conform to societal pressures of “going to a traditional university and getting a degree in Account (I can hear my mom’s voice) but rather choosing his passion for photography and making ends meet against all odds. Or a friend quitting a job that does not fulfill her soul regardless of the state of poverty that awaits her and pursuing what she believes in, to eventually get a break. Or a friend failing so many times to have people laugh and scorn at him for believing he can ever be a pilot but beating all odds and getting his license and flying as a young black man. These are the everyday people who follow their dreams and look ahead no matter what the circumstances right now, the people who look past the current obstacles because they see the end of the tunnel very clearly.  The people who wake up daily and look forward to the start of the day. This is all I ever wanted, this is my goal right now, and this is my dream! It may sound simple but think about what that entails. It means I have to find what fulfills me, follow it, work hard at it and continuously improve on it.

Finally I’m on that journey of discovery but it’s days like today that set me back a footstep because that element of self-doubt starts creeping in but I know for as long as I’m typing away on this blog and beating myself up because I want to feel a sense of purpose and will do anything to find that purpose….everyday is a step closer to my dreams!

Life’s a journey, embrace it! Big up to the passion driven people’s out there!

P.S. I know it’s not style related but it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to 🙂

Feel It!

I know this is unrelated but I had to share! I went to the airport this afternoon and this was the sight!

I’m definitely feeling it…and might I mention some eye candy I saw!!It’s going to be one exciting month!

Stylish Folk

Absolutely love this girl’s style, a one Ms Funeka Ngweleva. Just discovered her blog and she’s a fellow local!

Nuf  Said!

Lucky Me!

As per usual I was having a hard time getting out of bed and while busy playing my day’s outfit in my head,I thought of my new brooch and it put a smile on my face and boost to my day! Loving my new Luckyou Handmade brooch by Sara Trickett. My very sweet senior citizen colleague demanded to know where I got this very cute brooch!