New Lost & Found Stock!!

Wowi, I’m so excited about the bidding, I can hardly contain myself! Firstly never mind the divine clothes Amy has, the concept of bidding makes my tummy turn! Am I the only one who finds this sooo exciting and crazy cool! Anyway got a message to check out the new stock on the Lost & Found facebook group (I did a post on this new discovery not so long ago). I really like the fact that if you want, she comes to your house with the clothes you wish to view prior to bidding, if that’s not super customer service I don’t know what is! I couldn’t upload the whole lot( trust me I wanted to), even with the pics I downloaded I still had to go through a process of elimination to get to the ones that I think will entice you!

Oh it’s going to be a war, I have to have this dress, it’s the closest thing to Miu Miu I will get :)!

Let the games begin!!

Bidding begins next week Monday but you have to be part of the group to place bids!

Now there’s no need to cut down on the shopping budget when times are tough!


5 Responses

  1. The crochet dress is MINE!!

  2. Dipalesa…you have mega competition…lol…
    that dress is too beautiful…

  3. well ladies, let the war begin because I’m gunning for it as well, although that model looks way smaller than me so this might be a!

  4. Palesa, who’s brainchild is this?

  5. @Matahle I know hey! it’s a girl called Amy Rawhani but I just wish it was more private than Facebook!

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