Cute Badges

How incredibly cute are these badges by Nicky Savage who’s based in Durbs! Okay is it me or are Durban and Cape Town peeps talented! Where are the makers of things in Joburg?, why aren’t they visible on the World Wide Surf?Have people not caught up to the online phenomena yet, the blog phenomena? Or I might be the clueless one, in which case please school me!

 Check out Nicky’s blog here.


3 Responses

  1. tinsel in melville & woodstock i LOVE…they must be online – but then you can visit them o lucky one – they have stunning jewels & such a cute store

  2. Hello you, thank you so much for your lovely comments! I hear you babe, blogging can be confuzzling sometimes! I also worry that if I chat about too many topics, it might be offputting but I think ultimately, we must blog our passions and blog for ourselves and if others enjoy it, then it’s the cherry on the cake! Can’t please everyone and all that. I haven’t been here in a bit so Im going to take a look around now. Thanks so much for all your visits and comments, they really brighten my day:) x

  3. Aah tx Coelho, I will pay them a visit, knowledge is power :)!@Lauren, u so sweet and inspiring, here’s to a passion driven generation!

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