For some reason I haven’t the slightest interest in AFW! I’m not feeling any pressure or excitement enough to push me towards Sandton Convention Center. Nonetheless I’m still interested to see who showed what. Maybe it was this year’s SA Fashion Week catastrophe but sometimes our Fashion Weeks can be so tedious, especially when there is NOTHING to write home about with most designers, it’s like paying to watch back to back zero grade movies with one or two gems popping up somewhere in the line-up! I mean I love our designers and all but being able to produce stunning day-to-day wear does not make you fit for a fashion week stage.

Anyway my main reason for this post is just to understand the concept and logic behind David Tlale’s midnight show this morning? Did the collection itself have something to do with midnight or is King David able to do whatever he pleases at this point?


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  1. King David loves to bring the drama….m sure he got ppl talking abt the show-without having even seen the show!!!!…but seriously to be at the Sndton ICC at 1am,tired&hungry…..must have been a hell-of-a- show to have rocked even the most die hard fashio”fundi’s” world…..very OTT….very David!

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