Look What Came in the Post!

This welcomed package found its way to my desk!…My David West shirt that I bought online at 36Boutique.com! Loving it! The sales were crazy in the past 2 weeks, David West had some awesome goodies but by far I loved the I Love Leroy stuff which sold out in minutes 😦

P.S. I have been eyeing that necklace from Accessorize since beginning of the year..I knew it would be on sale sooner  or later and I was right, bought it half price! Word of advice – if you ever see something at Accessorize try waiting a few months, trust me it’ll still be there during the half price sale…it’s what I always do!


4 Responses

  1. Totally true,all my beanies and earings frm accessorize were bought at half price 🙂
    Love the David West shirt btw,its a stunner!

  2. Tx Phelo!

  3. Hey, I have the same skirt 😉

    The shirt is so classic. It sure looks like it will stand the test of time.

    Great Buy!

  4. What a great investment – classic, staple item, but with a twist. Good buy! x

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