Sweet Mother of Cake!

I can truelly say, whole heartedly that this by far is the best cake I’ve tasted!..and I’ve tasted many a cake (hips don’t lie)haha!

When I saw this pic on Angie’s blog yesterday, my taste buds shot up the roof, I couldn’t wait to get home, march over to Wolves (I live right across the road from there!) and give this cake a run for its money.

So I strategically bought Minestrone soup for supper, had a quarter of the soup so as to “minimize” the amount of fat consumed! Honestly guys, it was AMAZING, if you ever in Joburg, you have to try the Hummingbird cake AND the Red Velvet cake..wow!



One Response

  1. That looks delicious! and the little horse on top is just the icing on t he cake! (corny much?)


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