My friend invited me to a traditional at her home this past weekend and I was in panic mode because I have never been to a traditional wedding and thus have nothing remotely resembling a shweshwe or umbhaco (Xhosa attire). So I improvised, broke as I was and at the last-minute I kinda had to work with what I had but I was pretty impressed with the results…I’ve said it before accessories can do wonders for an outfit!

Loving my Daniella Michelle brogues!


6 Responses

  1. You look awesome! So very stylish. Love those brogues.

  2. Aah tx Anthea..I must learn to take better photos, like yourself!

  3. I like these pictures! The camera loves you. The camera is a bit nasty to me. My boyfriend takes my pics (poor guy).

  4. Loooooove the INFIT my friend! Bayebathini emtshatweni?

  5. Thx Mils..well the ones who understood it, appreciated it..hahaha!

  6. very yohji yamamoto… I love it

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