Voice Mail!

Wheew I’m looking at my daily stats of visits and I’m seeing a lot of love even though I’ve gone all awol on you and made you “reach my voice mail box” every time you log onto to my blog! I’m not without my reasons, it’s been a trying past couple of weeks; to be honest I hit a total big ass high brick wall with absolutely no clear path in sight. Have you ever felt like a chess player, knowing you have to make a move but with no clue what move to make? That’s been my battle lately and that feeling of being stuck really impedes on your creativity and blocks the possibilities. But alas, I’m not one to dwell on misery so in the past week I’ve had revelations, I’ve moved my queen to where I think she should be placed and hopefully soon things will start falling into place!

Anywho if you hit that low point like I did,  step back and give yourself a chance to regroup..sometimes all it takes is patience. There’s a song I’ve been listening to with these words that just spoke to me “One day at a time, someday you’ll find..you not so far”


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