Designer Pop Up Store

I think this was such a brilliant idea! One of those, you don’t know why it was never done before! But anyway, the Designer Pop store in Sandton City this past weekend featured all the designers from SA Fashion Week, each with their stall selling their latest ranges..TO THE PUBLIC AT LARGE!I think this is the most important thing for me, the exposure to the ordinary folk on the street because Sandton City is a shopping hub for most people (love it or hate it).

Anyway, well done to the brains behind it, this will certainly help SA designers in putting their brands out there, I hope they were very aggresive in their marketing!


One Piece Moment!

I’ve grown tired of jumpsuits (except for the ones Kourtney Kardashian rocks)! Or maybe it’s the harem ones that I’m totally over..anyways moral is, when I saw this one at TopShop I was so sceptical because on any given day, I wouldn’t dream of even trying on a jumpsuit but I fell in love with this one and I guess it fell in love with me too bcz the fit is perfect and I rocked it at a recent engagement party.

Pre-Pulchritude Sale

Yet another successful instalment! great laughs were had. These pre-sales are slowly becoming somewhat of a book club(I’m sure it’s the champers)!


One of the things I was looking forward to was my On Location Gossip Girl Tour but unfortunately it did not happen because they printed the wrong time on the guide-book and so I missed it! But nonetheless I managed to visit the Upper East Side and the moment you step foot onto this side of the world, you not only see the difference, but smell the difference! I kept looking around for Chuck Bass, lol! Every apartment building has a door man in full uniform and the architecture of the apartment buildings looks like something out of Roman times! Old buildings that are so well maintained!

Hello Victoria Secret!

I must admit, I’m not much of an underwear person, to me it’s one of those things I buy because it’s a necessity. BUT I tell you, when I walked into Victoria Secret, I was converted forever! There’s nothing like it; the quality, the sexiness. I bought the sexiest one piece pyjama thingy (I don’t even know what to call it)!

Love the shopping bag you use around the store!

Hello NYC!

I thought to share some of my pics from the Big Apple, especially the shops I visited! I did so much shopping, mostly window shopping :)! It’s like another world out there, I was like a kid in a candy store. I literally gasped for air every time I would walk into a shop, I felt right at home! Top Shop and Zara were by far the most exciting to me, firstly because I could afford stuff in there and secondly because the clothes are soooo beautiful! Don’t get me started with the shoes. K let the pictures do the talking…

Welcome to Saks 5th Avenue..Unless you got the moola, absolutely nothing here is affordable but just do bask in the beauty was enough for me! The store is 5 floors of nothing but heaven; first floor is cosmetics and bags and the rest of the floors are designer haven! Oscar de Larenta, MaxMara, Marc Jacobs, Rag and Bone etc.. What I really loved about Saks was the way it’s structured, unlike other department stores (which I loathe), each floor is like little boutiques of different designer wear making it clear and visible, no need to sift through racks and racks of clothes!