Wow it feels weird, filling up this hungry baby once again! I went AWOL, and for a reason! I hit a point where I felt totally uninspired which affected the way I perceive things around me, especially when it comes to fashion. So much changed post my trip from New York. In fact come to think of it, I didn’t realise it but subconsciously I think something in me changed when I travelled overseas, ALONE! Sounds cheese curls, I know but true. For a period I found fashion to be totally uninspiring and so monotonous and the biggest thing for me was I found no value-adding factor to it (I apologise to the fashionistas If I’m offending anyone).

So I decided on taking a new path this year but still in the design sphere because that’s what I realised about myself, I love beauty and design in any form. Whether it be a certain way a tree is carved or my blooming Lilly’s or an amazing pair of Rag and Bone’s all beauty. I’ve come to grow an interest for Interior Decorating so I’m studying that part-time and it’s amazing! For now, I think that’s where my passion lies because for me the beauty of one’s environment whether it’s your home, your working space etc. has a deeper impact on your being than you think! I absolutely love coming home to my fresh flowers and my living room gives me a sense of relaxation no matter what mood I’m in!

Anywho blah blah. My point is, I’ve decided to use this blog now as a space to share my passions in any shape or form and hopefully the inspiration sticks with me this time. This is now my diary and no longer a space to achieve something!

Hello World!


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