New Beginnings…

Wow for some arb reason I had an urge to google myself and see what comes up (apparently I’m not the only one who regularly partakes in this peculiar exercise,lol). So moral is my deserted blog is at the top of the search pages and it got me thinking of my forgotten love. 3 years later, so much has changed from the days of my 25 year old self; jobs, relationship, friendships, pursuits etc. Looking back, especially through the eyes of this blog, I’m happy to say I have pursued all my goals and I guess now it’s a matter of where to from here.

I have moved to a new home, tumblr, mainly because now I love to express myself more through pictures than text (perhaps it’s the new wave who knows). Anyway with my new blog I hope to share my eye of design, places and spaces that inspire me! I am slowly building my decorating profile through small projects and really what more can you ask out of life than the universe to continue to allow you the space to feed your curiosity!  

I hope you will still follow me in this new chapter. See u all at