My name is Palesa, born and bred in the city of Umtata, Eastern Cape. I currently reside in the City of Gold. I’m one of those statistics of people caught between their passion and their 9 to 5. Growing up I always wanted to be an Image Consultant but because I didn’t take time to nurture this desire, I ended up in the Corporate world, frustrated and living from minute to minute (literally)! BUT I’ve decided to use this platform as an expression of my style and views on all things stylish!


15 Responses

  1. Hi Palesa, it’s great to meet another SA blogger and a fashion one at that! I hope your blog fills your stylish desires:) And maybe it will lead to your dream of becoming an Image Consultant, ya never know. I’m a Durban based blogger who often writes about fashiony things so maybe we can link our blogs up hun?
    Have a great day and keep postin’


  2. Hey Lauren!!So excited that someone has given me some response(besides my friends)LOL! It gives me inspiration to carry on! What’s your blog?

  3. Heehee! Oh you must carry on for sure. For the first month, just my mom read my blog, hehe. It’s http://www.glossaryzine.blogspot.com

  4. ahhhhh. this is a pretty excited scream! Well done friend. Been thinking of starting my own fashion photo blog and you just gave me that boost. Am a huge fan of the satorialist and fashionation and its been buzzing in my head for a while. lets keep in touch. Inyathi ibuzwa kwaba phambili so i’ll look to you for advise.

  5. Hey Tango, glad I inspired you, hey man what better way to express yourself than the blog platform!Holla when you need anything!

  6. Awesomeness qha.

  7. Wow, wow, wow!! Mntase Im literally tearing up over this, no jokes. This is BEAUTIFULL!! Im shocked, so so so shocked (in a pleasant way ofcourse). Who would have known that you had ths in ya?? Not me, clearly, lol!! I knw you will think this comment is biased (and it probably is) but you have outdone yourself dear. I just saw Sinqobile’s status on facebook and was curious, thank God, lol!! This is amaizing, really it is. Whoooo, let me take a breath.. Ure messing up my eye make-up, hahaha!! Okay, Im soooo bookmarking this. xoxo

  8. Nice, Pali! I like…

  9. Noyce, Pali! I like it a lot…

  10. LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE ur blog ima force everyone at Rhodes to read it!

  11. Yey am glad you love it Sunshine..thx!

  12. dear one
    was my absolute pleasure to chat last night. and checking out ur blog iM impressed / and happy, that we blogged some similar content. like ghost in the machine … would love to hook for a stroll and a glass one of these days. keen? show me the spots in jozi! m looking forward to reading your lines.

  13. love ur blog,looking forward to more updates

  14. Hi Palesa,

    Love your blog. Would like to be in touch. Do you have an email addie?


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