To 13 Year Old Me – Palesa Mjali!

Dear Palz


Success: Darling this may not be apparent to you now but believe me when I say, success is not measured by the amount of money one makes. Some people see success that way but as you grow older, one thing that will be revealed about yourself is that success to you is measured by the amount of positive impact you make in people’s lives. It is the true realization of your dreams. Nothing means more to you than living your dreams; being of service to society in more ways than one (sound outrageous?).

Happiness: Ha! Let me tell you something about happiness my girl, it is a point in time, not what happened in the past and certainly not what you strive for in the future! It is right now, being content (perhaps the meaning of this word is too higher grade for you now) and happy with you at this present minute! Do not spend your days wishing for things in the future that you think will make you happy or dwelling on past moments that made you happy! Surround yourself with all that puts a grin on your face, nurture the things that make you happy and cherish the people that make you a better person. And by the way, being rich and being part of a “cool” gang will not make you happy!.

Career: If I told you that in your future life, you start off as an IT Business Analyst, you would probably laugh in my face and ask me WTF! (by the by that’s one of the biggest jargon acronyms of our present time). This particular part of your life is not only one of your biggest challenges but one of the biggest mysteries! You remember how you used to love making dresses for dolls? Remember the day you watched a movie where a certain character was an Image Consultant and you decided then and there that that is what you wanted to be when you grow up? Well….NEVER LET GO OF THAT MOMENT AND THAT DESIRE! Remember how you felt when visiting those young Cancer patients in the hospital offering them an ounce of hope and a momentary escape from their difficulties, remember that? Well as it so happens, being of service to others is one of the things that feed your soul so cherish and nurture that desire!

Style: I’m happy to inform you that the tom boy in you will grow into one beautifully stylish lady who will no longer be limited to only buying “Sale” items thanks to mommy dearest! Don’t worry about your weight now; it’ll all work out in the end, to a certain extent at least! Strive to be yourself at all times, style is emotive, don’t be influenced too much by what’s happening around you and yes it is true…When you look good, you feel good!

Love: Love is one thing that God has blessed you with. You may not see it now, but you will be blessed in abundance not my riches and fame (sorry to disappoint) but by the love that surrounds you each and every day! From your family to friends to a beautiful man God has given you the pleasure of knowing! You will meet some HOUNDS along the way but never lose yourself to please anyone and most of all, love wholeheartedly no matter how difficult it may me that love will eventually be returned!

All in all you will be happy with the person you have become, just remember to always feed your mind, body and soul with everything joyful to you!

Love 25 year old you