Wish List!

Today I just thought I would gather a few items i yearn for instead of creating a set! Oh those Chloe Moccasins have to be my favorite next to those asymmetric paneled pants! Which one of these would you murder for?

100$ Nail Polish

So I promised myself that I would try to keep this blog strictly to all things stylish in our country but some things you just have to share! Chanel’s Creative Director of Make-up, Peter Phillips, started a cult when he decided to put this nail colour into production after the Fall 2009 show and it sold out before hitting the shelves,100$ on eBay!!!I mean I know nail polish has become an accessory in itself but damn!

Talent in its Purest Form!

W 2010

S/S 09/10

Images courtesy of  www.loinclothandashes.com

So a while ago, I read about Tanzanian born Anisa Mpungwe winning the Elle New Talent award and designing for the Mr.Price label, Project. It wasn’t until I saw her W 2010 Collection  she showed at NYFW  that I watched in awe. Immediately I googled her label Loin Cloth and Ashes and I was blown away and me being me, I gave her a ring and placed me a yummy order!

 “Are you kidding me”! Check out her website www.loinclothandashes.com and give her ring! P.S the styling is on point!

She’s going to the stars!

Item of the Week!

Yes, if you live in Joburg and you haven’t made your way to Forever New in Fourways Mall…you selling yourself short! I’m really liking this store for it’s not-so-over-the top glam and the fact that they change their stock constantly, always keeping it fresh hence “Forever New”! It’s so Gossip Girl (well actually so Serena)! The accessories and bags are to die for. I died, went to brogue heaven and came back when I saw these yummy brogues! Kinda like the boots too but so not me!

Set you back: R695

Accessories Freak!


So my friend needed something to jazz up her leggings and T-shirt outfit and I just loved this hand-me-down scarf from her mom! I decided to experiment with some accessories to demonstrate the power they have to lift up a plain outfit! Why not look fabulous when doing some toilet paper and Mr. Muscle Shower Shine shopping, you never know who might be spotting!

Stylish Folk


By now you might have noticed that I’m obsessed over Gossip Girl to the point where I’m starting to believe there’s 4 kinds of fashion woman in the world – the Serena woman (chic, eclectic, understated glam woman),the  Blair woman(preppy chic yet elegant woman) , the Vanessa woman (bohemian, indie rock chic woman) and the Jenny woman (pure rock chic). So I’m categorising all my street style finds into these categories to prove my brainwashed theory.

Meet Lize Marie – Manager at Forever New (quick becoming one of my favourite stores)

Style Verdict – Definitely a Serena! Lurv the simplicity of this outfit with an element of understated glam achieved my that oh so yummy denim skirt!

She’s wearing: Denim skirt – Forever New (set you back my R359)

                             Top – Mr Price

                              Gladiators – Rage

Frame me In a Portrait!


So today I celebrate the day I was born. So my inspiration for this set was just feeling bubbly and cute to the point where I imagine being framed inside a portrait just as I am!

Have a blessed weekend!