New Beginnings…

Wow for some arb reason I had an urge to google myself and see what comes up (apparently I’m not the only one who regularly partakes in this peculiar exercise,lol). So moral is my deserted blog is at the top of the search pages and it got me thinking of my forgotten love. 3 years later, so much has changed from the days of my 25 year old self; jobs, relationship, friendships, pursuits etc. Looking back, especially through the eyes of this blog, I’m happy to say I have pursued all my goals and I guess now it’s a matter of where to from here.

I have moved to a new home, tumblr, mainly because now I love to express myself more through pictures than text (perhaps it’s the new wave who knows). Anyway with my new blog I hope to share my eye of design, places and spaces that inspire me! I am slowly building my decorating profile through small projects and really what more can you ask out of life than the universe to continue to allow you the space to feed your curiosity!  

I hope you will still follow me in this new chapter. See u all at





The Mill…in Joziland!

There I was paging through the latest issue of House and Garden and bam I stumble upon this article which literally made me shout out loud “WHAT!”

The guys who brought us (more CT people) the NeighbourGoods Market 5 years ago in Cape Town which as we all know, is now the most popular place to see and be seen on Saturday mornings in CT. The NeighbourGoods Market is coming to Jozi and I myself cannot wait!!It’s due to launch in April at 73 Juta street in Braamfontein (very fitting considering the buzz around this area lately). I’m so ready to spend my Saturday mornings stuffing my face and shopping away!


Design Inspiration!

How crazy cool is it framing your own creations like this! These beautiful macaroons were created by pastry chef Pierre Herme and the pics decorate his wall in his home.

Pics courtesy of

Bday Goodies!

So ’twas my bday last weekend and surprisingly it turned out to be quite awesome! (when your expectations are low, you tend to be nicely surprised). Anywho had an awesome lunch at the Bird Cage….good food, nice meaningful conversations with friends, beautiful day out AND pressies…what more can you ask for! These are my fav gifts I received!

My friend Dipalesa went to Spain Madrid recently and bought me this satchel goodie! I love how it’s so authentic you can literally smell the skin!

I need not re-iterate my lust for anything Country Road so this set of cutlery made my heart dance..too precious!

I love the message in a box packaging! Thanx Milli!

Orchard! What more can I say, I can take hundreds of those any day, for each string of my heart!

I have never been one to keep cheesy bday cards but this one is too precious..I mean, I die!


Wow it feels weird, filling up this hungry baby once again! I went AWOL, and for a reason! I hit a point where I felt totally uninspired which affected the way I perceive things around me, especially when it comes to fashion. So much changed post my trip from New York. In fact come to think of it, I didn’t realise it but subconsciously I think something in me changed when I travelled overseas, ALONE! Sounds cheese curls, I know but true. For a period I found fashion to be totally uninspiring and so monotonous and the biggest thing for me was I found no value-adding factor to it (I apologise to the fashionistas If I’m offending anyone).

So I decided on taking a new path this year but still in the design sphere because that’s what I realised about myself, I love beauty and design in any form. Whether it be a certain way a tree is carved or my blooming Lilly’s or an amazing pair of Rag and Bone’s all beauty. I’ve come to grow an interest for Interior Decorating so I’m studying that part-time and it’s amazing! For now, I think that’s where my passion lies because for me the beauty of one’s environment whether it’s your home, your working space etc. has a deeper impact on your being than you think! I absolutely love coming home to my fresh flowers and my living room gives me a sense of relaxation no matter what mood I’m in!

Anywho blah blah. My point is, I’ve decided to use this blog now as a space to share my passions in any shape or form and hopefully the inspiration sticks with me this time. This is now my diary and no longer a space to achieve something!

Hello World!

Designer Pop Up Store

I think this was such a brilliant idea! One of those, you don’t know why it was never done before! But anyway, the Designer Pop store in Sandton City this past weekend featured all the designers from SA Fashion Week, each with their stall selling their latest ranges..TO THE PUBLIC AT LARGE!I think this is the most important thing for me, the exposure to the ordinary folk on the street because Sandton City is a shopping hub for most people (love it or hate it).

Anyway, well done to the brains behind it, this will certainly help SA designers in putting their brands out there, I hope they were very aggresive in their marketing!